DJ + Carly. Married.

Sometimes when a couple asks for you to capture your wedding, you instantly know that it is going to be perfect.

Sunshine.  Young love.  A party.

Congrats DJ and Carly.







  1. ChristanP wrote:

    Dude I LOVE this post!!

  2. Daniel Cruz wrote:

    Dude, these images are so beautiful. You inspire me bro! Keep it up. Blessings!

  3. Isaiah wrote:

    Killed it man. Love each set more than the previous.

  4. fer juaristi wrote:

    awesome wedding my friend.

  5. Jonas Seaman wrote:

    Breaking new ground man. Killer!

  6. WOOOOOW! One of the best i’ve seen. And I have seen a lot including…. Great work!

  7. Gorgeous coverage Jeff:)

  8. aga wrote:

    great wedding, great coverage, great photos!

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